A Gift for the Little Master

Originally published: 2000

Freelance journalist Dorlores Gunn is a night crawler armed with a ruthless curiosity and a knack for self-preservation. With her drugged-out TV crew in tow, she scours the night city for saleable stories: violent death in the street is just a service industry providing her next clip, and every victim is a potential actor. Criss-crossing her path is Eli, a bike courier who travels with ease through the clogged arteries of the urban core and rides the periphery when the media pounces on a suspected serial killer. Both become entangled in the police investigation when Dolores becomes the target of a stalker and Eli is hunted by a rogue SUV. In the struggle to survive, neither can be sure if they own the streets or the streets own them.

Is set in a nightmarish west coast city. Delores is a nightcrawler blessed and cursed with a ruthless curiosity, a perpetually stoned TV crew and a phone stalker. Eli is a bike courier, the target of a white 4-Runner with a vicious case of road rage. Slicing a path through the city is a serial killer with a penchant for Nietzsche.

ISBN-10 : 0307369331, 

ISBN-13 : 9780307369338

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